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Why SmartSlug?

Slugging is a well established and great system
... but, have you ever wondered:

  • How long will I wait for my ride?
  • Is another slug-line faster?
  • Are there any slugs waiting to be picked up?
  • Which car should I be looking for?

SmartSlug helps you answer these questions and more

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Community & Time

SmartSlug, like slugging, is a
community movement

Better commuting decisions means more time doing the things you love

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SmartSlug is a progressive web app (pwa),
a technology that allows websites to perform like native apps. As a result, SmartSlug:

  • Opens like other apps from an icon on your phone
  • Saves your phone's memory
  • Uses less battery
  • Is accessible from any web browser

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Power of One

For every SmartSlug that enters a slugline, many other SmartSlugs check that information

You'll be improving people's daily lives literally with the touch of your finger

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About Us

Slugging is a great form of commuting - fast, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly. One of the only downsides to slugging is that it can be a guessing game. We think there's a better way - that's why we created SmartSlug.